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August 31 to October 26, 2002

Opening reception: Thursday, September 5, 2002/ 5:00‑7:30 PM

Sponsored by Owens-Illinois, Inc.

       LOUISVILLE, KY -- The Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation is pleased to present its popular Bottled Spirits exhibition once again this year.  Bottled Spirits, a perennial favorite among viewers, showcases a whimsical approach to combining two long-standing Kentucky traditions, bourbon and fine craft.

“Along the lines of a ‘teapot’ show, we have invited artists to create bottles or vessels in which to store and from which to dispense bourbon, wine or any other spirits,” says curator Mary Ellen Furlong. “We have invited artists from across the U.S. and around the world to participate alongside our Kentucky craftspeople.”  Invited artists work in media including clay, glass, metal and fiber, and their bottles can be purely decorative, or they may be functional.  “As usual the works submitted will reflect each artist’s unique creative personality and style, and together they will create a whimsical and entertaining exhibition, sure to be a hit with viewers and collectors,” says Furlong.

            Bottled Spirits will showcase work by Kentucky craftspeople including Keiko Akiyama, Wayne Bates, Mary Bright, Fong Choo, Justine Dennis, Wayne Ferguson, Sarah Frederick, Gwen Heffner, Walter Hyleck, Addie Langford, Brian D. Newton, Susan O’Brien, Judith Pointer, Davie Reneau, Suzanne Renfrow and Jonathan Stokes.

Artists from across the U.S. will be featured as well, including Michael and Maureen Banner (Monterey, Massachussetts), Hayne Bayless (Ivoryton, Connecticut),

Mark Bell (Blue Hill, Maine), Kirby Benson (Las Cruces, New Mexico), Suzy Birstein (Vancouver, B.C., Canada), Erich A. Broennimann (Ocean View, Hawaii), William Brouillard (Cleveland, Ohio), Geoff Buddie & Chris Rom (Swanton, Ohio), Robert E. Carlson (Emmitsburg, Maryland), Minerva Chango (Caracas, Venezuela), Angela Fina (Amherst, Massachussetts), Marilee Hall (Cookeville, Tennessee), Michael Imes (Pewaukee, Wisconsin), Thomas Kreager (Hastings, Nebraska), Robert Levin (Burnsville, North Carolina), Rick Malmgren (Severn, Maryland), Alex S. Mandli, Jr. (Racine, Wisconsin), Laurie Marson (Kensington, California), Sang Roberson (Ormond Beach, Florida), Pete Scherzer (Cleveland, Ohio), Mark Shapiro (Worthington, Massachusetts), Kaete Brittin Shaw (High Falls, New York), Rod Sounik (Columbus, Ohio), Sam Taylor (Westhampton, Massachusetts), Michael Tiller (Sacramento, California), Robert Toensing (Coon Rapids, Minnesota), James R. Wilbat (Deerfield, Illinois), Rosalie Wynkoop (Helena, Montana), Theresa Yondo (Russell Township, Ohio).

           Bottled Spirits will be on view from August 31 to October 26, 2002 in the Shands Gallery at the Kentucky Art and Craft Gallery at 609 W. Main St.  The opening reception will take place on Thursday, September 5, 2002 from 5:00-7:30 p.m. Admission is free.  For more information about the exhibition, contact the Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation at (502) 589-0102 or log on to

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