Satian Leksrisawat

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Satian Leksrisawat is from Thailand of Chinese descent. He grew up surrounded by fine Chinese ceramics, but it was not until he visited a Museum in Thailand, and saw a collection of Chinese pottery, that he began to appreciate its true intrinsic value.

From his studio in Brooks, Kentucky, Leksrisawat produces an elegant line of functional ceramics. Attention to detail and functionality go hand in hand. He is best known, though, for his one-of-a-kind vessels that he finishes with his signature crystalline glaze. He began experimenting with the technique more than fifteen years ago, and says he is still trying to perfect it today. "It’s like solving a mathematical equation; it’s a challenge," he says.

A crystalline glaze is characterized by clusters of various shapes and colors embedded into an otherwise more uniform glaze of zinc or calcium. This unpredictable process requires a slow cooling process that is necessary for the development of the crystals. The process requires a great deal of patience from the artist, and through his persistence in the technique, Leksrisawat has become one of its finest practitioners. One can both see as well as feel the structure of the crystals on the surface of his vessels.

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"While his crystalline glazes seduce the eye, the shapes of his vessels and the quality of their execution are of equal importance to the artist. He combines a traditional elegance with a dynamic color sense to make vessels that are contemporary and timeless. Kentucky is lucky to count Satian Leksrisawat among the finest of its ceramic artists"

Brion Clinkingbeard, Curator     



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