Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation

International Glass Vessels Exhibition 2003

April 3 - July 19, 2003

This catalogue of images represents many of the artists who will be participating in our forthcoming International Glass Vessels exhibition. Many, but not all of the works here are the actual works that will be on show. The others, however, do represent the type of work our visitors should expect to see.  

Alicia Lomne String vessel with red LARGE detail.JPG (601997 bytes)

Alicia Lomne String vessel with red LARGE.JPG (1223030 bytes)

Sonja Bloomdahl B1002 Yellow Gold Ruby 1.JPG (167528 bytes)

James Watkiss bottle and pitcher with big handle.JPG (735585 bytes)

Edols & Elliot Furrow series vase.JPG (149911 bytes)

Curtiss Brock Two Stone Vessels.JPG (214652 bytes)

Alicia Lomne, String Vessel with Red

Alicia Lomne, String Vessel with Red

Sonja Blomdahl, Yellow, Ruby, Gold

James Watkiss, Bottle & Pitcher with Big Handle

Edols & Elliot, Furrow Series Vase

Curtiss Brock, Two Stone Vessels

Hiroshi Yamono Fish Catcher type 02.JPG (304798 bytes)

Etsuko Nishi Layered Vessel blue and white.JPG (68197 bytes)

Colin Reid Untitled R1066.JPG (410601 bytes)

Bill Boysen Ceremonial Vessel 7.jpg (767310 bytes)

Toshikazu Kobayashi  Human Relations.JPG (156261 bytes)

Toots Zynsky Nuvoloaglia, Large.JPG (556507 bytes)

Hiroshi Yamono, Fish Catcher Type 02

Etsuko Nishi, Layered Vessel Blue & White

Colin Reid, Untitled R1066

Bill Boysen, Ceremonial Vessel 7

Toshikazu Kobayashi, Human Relations

Toots Zynsky, Nuvoloaglia

Joyce Scott Mama loves green.JPG (200296 bytes)

John Brekke Nowra Series 2001 2.JPG (480383 bytes)

Ronald Pennell Falling and Diving.JPG (576308 bytes)

Kalus Moje bowl.JPG (656013 bytes)

Lino Tagliapietra Bilbao.JPG (339538 bytes)

Joyce Scott, Mama Loves Green

John Brekke, Nowra Series 2001

Ronald Pennell, Falling and Diving

Klaus Moje, Mosaic Form, 2002

Lino Tagliapietra, Bilbao

Linda Fifield, Earth, Water, Wind, Fire 13

Maria Grazia Rosin Vesuviano number 4.JPG (68592 bytes)

Marvin Lipofsky Kentucky Series 2000.JPG (158887 bytes)

Tony Jojola With Vessels.JPG (78200 bytes)

Bert Frijns Composition towards learning.JPG (518958 bytes)

Sydney Cash Diamon Blowl.JPG (342131 bytes)

Maria Grazia Rosin, Vesuviano number 4

Marvin Lipofsky, Kentucky Series 2000

Tony Jojola, Tony Jojola with Glass Vessels

Karim Rashid, Leonard New Moves 31

Bert Frijns, Composition towards Learning

Sydney Cash, Diamond Bowl

Poole Pterovic ivory banded vessel.JPG (339803 bytes)

Nick Mount O4091  011001 two.JPG (54348 bytes)

Powell Butterfly Spanking breeze.JPG (1004458 bytes)

Powell Butterfly Spanking breeze detail 2.JPG (282628 bytes)

Scott Chaseling On the Run.JPG (170279 bytes)

Roger Parramore Resistance is futile.JPG (213225 bytes)

Poole & Petrovic, Ivory Banded Vessel

Nick Mount, 14091 and 01101

Stephen Powell, Butterfly Spanking Breeze

Butterfly Spanking Breeze, Detail

Scott Chaseling, On the Run

Roger Parramore, Resistance is Futile

Joel Philip Meyers pin number 5.JPG (637551 bytes)

Warren Langley Window with Red Moonrise.JPG (180087 bytes)

William Bernstein Vase Form Blue Sky.JPG (205387 bytes)

Richard Jolley Front.JPG (630144 bytes)

Tommy Rush Vase.JPG (581765 bytes)

Rick & Valeris Beck Brush Strokes.JPG (371226 bytes)

Joel Phillip Meyers, Pin Series Number 5

Warren Langley, Window With Red Moonrise

William Bernstein, Vase Form Blue Sky

Richard Jolley, Germination, 2002

Tommie Rush, Tulip Vase, 2002

Rick & Valerie Beck, Brushstrokes

Dan Clayman.JPG (25231 bytes)

Pamina Traylor Seeking shelter  .JPG (190541 bytes)

Pamina Traylor Seeking shelter  detail.JPG (283174 bytes)

Che Rhodes Untitled.JPG (690038 bytes)

Koharu Nakamura Natural 1.JPG (57550 bytes)

Mary Van Cline The Gardens of time.JPG (433619 bytes)

 Dan Clayman, Bundle, 1998

Pamina Traylor, Seeking Shelter

Pamina Traylor, Seeking Shelter, Detail

Che Rhodes, Untitled Vessel, 2002

Koharu Nakamura, Natural (1)

Mary Van Cline, The Gardens of Time

Ed Kirsner Corning Store Four.jpg (437019 bytes)

Shinje Yonehara Spirals.JPG (299518 bytes)

Lisabeth Sterling eve's apple2.JPG (69466 bytes)

Massimo Micheluzzi Carved Grey Vase.JPG (507339 bytes)



Ed Kershner, Corner Store 4

Shinji Yonehara, Spirals

Lisabeth Sterling, Eve’s Apple

Massimo Micheluzzi, Carve Grey Vase

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