Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation's Education Department

As part of the Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation's mission to preserve the art and craft heritage of Kentucky, we are committed to providing quality art education to both adults and children across the state.  We provide exciting, unique programming to communities in both rural and urban areas, and to artists of all ages.

Now taking reservations for Blackacre Camp and Kid Art Camp.  Call Shayne Hull at 589-0155 x 209.

Hands-on Workshops

In School Partnerships

Field Trip Workshops, K-12


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TEACHERS, check out what is new for the 2002-2003 school year!!

Traveling Suitcases

Middle School Curriculum Package

Blackacre Art Week ~and~ Kid Art Day Camp


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New...walking sticks suitcase!!


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Symbols of our Culture and Ourselves


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Shayne Hull, Director of Education:

Dane Waters, Assistant Director of Education:

Aerie Meredith, Education Assistant:

Robyn Weisberg Slen, Curriculum Specialist:

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