Middle School Curriculum

"It reinforced Core Content, produced a very cool final piece, and introduced the students to something new."-Tammy Podbelsek, art teacher Highland Middle School

"It was so well organized! My students learned about Positive and negative space, balance, and relief printing.  The history/cultural aspect was perfect."-Billie Shulhafer, art teacher, Barret Traditional Middle School

"The students enjoyed the unit and it covered areas of our curriculum directly related to Core Content for Assessment."-Nancy Adams, art teacher Ponderosa Elementary School


"Symbols, Emblems of Our Culture and Ourselves"

The Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation has created a seven lesson thematic unit entitled, “Symbols, Emblems of Our Culture and Ourselves.”  This unit connects the visual arts to other middle school disciplines, and makes connections to the Core Content for Assessment.  During this unique experience, students will learn about the Asante People of Ghana and their Adinkra cloths.  They will also learn about American quilts and Kentucky quilter Jane Burch Cochran.  Students will be able to draw connections between these very different types of textile work and discover how they are all rich in symbolism and pattern.  Through this thematic unit, students will be reading, writing, and talking about art and culture.  They will be reinforcing geometry skills and will be creating original artwork with professional artist, Gwen Kelly.  Each lesson meets the Kentucky Goals/Academic Expectations and Jefferson Counties’ Performance Standards.  Lessons are also aligned with Kentucky’s Core Content and Program of Studies.  

The unit includes: a teacher resource book, four color overhead transparencies, student resource books, three sessions with professional artist Gwen Kelly, and all materials and supplies needed for the art making process.  Cost dependent on number of students participating.

Order "Symbols, Emblems of Our Culture and Ourselves" for class.  Call Robyn Slen at (502) 589-0155 ext.231.

Click here to see pictures of students participating in this exciting unit!

For more information, contact Robyn Weisberg Slen, Curriculum Specialist at (502) 589-0102 ext. 231 or robynslen@kentuckycrafts.org


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