Artistic Influences

While studying interior design at Purdue University, Clifton developed an active interest in antiques. He owns many beautiful Chinese rugs, distinctive sculptures and carvings, old Spanish chairs and massive old chests and armoires.

His most prized antiques are two Tiffany lamps. In his pursuit of antiques, the creative works of several master artist have been especially inspiring to him. He greatly admires Antonio Gaudi, Emile Gallé, René Lalique, Louis Tiffany and Frank Lloyd Wright.

After spending a few months in St. Augustine, Florida, where he was the silversmith for the city's restoration commission, Clifton moved to New York City to work as an assistant designer for Richelieu, a major costume jewelry firm. During this period, he worked on his own designs at night and on weekends. He sold some of these designs to such stores as Neiman-Marcus and Bendels. Not long after he had a beautiful shell-and-feather creation reproduced on the March 15, 1970 cover of Vogue magazine. That year he won the coveted Coty Award - the fashion world's highest accolade for excellence of design.

One-of-a-kind Bronze Iris Stained Glass Lamp

36" x 14" x 13"