Woven Sampler Neckpiece #3

Susan Wood-Onstad - Goldsmith

Mendocino, CA

(Left)     Woven Sampler Neckpiece #3,  $2,400.00    Fabricated sterling and fine silver, shakudo, and nickel. Woven patterns include twill, tabby, twining, mad veave, and woven chain.

(L Left)   Basket, $1300.00 Fabricated sterling silver, 6 3/4" diam c 1 5/8" tall

(L Right) Kaleidocycle Pocket Toys,   $380.00  These are "fidget toys" which rotate in on themsoeves. Fabricated sterling silver, copper. 1 1/4" diam x 1/2 " tall

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Basket by Susan Wood-Onstad Kaleidocycle Pocket Toys